Message from MD

Md. Shamim Mia

Welcome to Nafisa Agro Products Ltd., a family of proud brands with rich traditions. We are focused on our “Consumer First strategy”, which means deeply understanding the needs and lives of our consumers and moving quickly to meet those needs with our broad portfolio of brands. Over the years, we’ve continued to adapt and evolve our portfolio to serve our consumers and drive growth. Our aim is to build strong, resilient and sustainable communities, Nutrition and wellness. Our sustainability mission is to treat our wide array of customers with care.

We have high expectations for ethical conduct in every aspect of our business. Quality and Safety is a priority focus area for us. It's part of our culture. Leading with safety – both the safety of our employees in the workplace and the product they make – is one of the key operating principles that guides our work. We carry with us our commitment to product safety and strict adherence to the processes and expectations we have been developing for more than a decade. As a business conglomerate, the united Nafisa family represents the largest agro-products’ company in greater Mymensingh and heading to have a stronger footing with national platform.

Our approach to our product is simple. We start with high-quality ingredients. We create the best-value for our consumers exploiting the state-of-the-art technology and latest innovations. We make our product to perfection.

From our humble beginnings as a small, family-owned dairy farm started back in 2008, to our evolution into the local leader in agro-products with operations all around the country, Nafisa has been guided by the same core values;

Quality, Determination, Humility, Discipline, Relationship, Availability, Sincerity, Simplicity and Ownership.

These values have led Nafisa from a single dairy farm, to the leading conglomerate of agro-products in the country. And these values will continue to serve as our foundation and our strength as we venture through the 21st century -- a century of challenge, but of even greater opportunity. Our population will reach a staggering 250 million by the year 2050, and as our population grows with changing food habits, so do the demand of quality agro-products will be on the rise.

Our collective challenge is to provide this growing society with the quality, nutritious, safe, and affordable products it requires in a sustainable manner and secures a strong, prosperous course for future generations. The Nafisa team stands ready to meet this, the great challenge of our time.